Tony Bonaduce

Tony Bonaduce, has 40 years' experience in the construction industry, doing just about any task presented. It was this no-job-too-small attitude which initially got him in the door with many of his clients, forging relationships and a solid foundation for his fledgling company. Since then, Tony has been expanding E.B.S.’s horizons by consistently providing the best service to his clients, treating them professionally and fairly. When asked about how he got started in construction at all, he recounted this moment in time:

“T’was the night before Christmas, when I was about five years old and—although I find it difficult to believe that my brother and I were being little brats as they claim— my parents decided to put coal in our stockings as punishment. Coal was not available at 10:30 on Christmas Eve, though, so as a substitute, my father went out to the garage and cut up blocks of wood to fill our stockings. When we woke in the morning, my brother was extremely disappointed, but I went and got a hammer and nails. I was very content building with the new blocks, and when the presents were later ‘discovered’ in another room, rather than open them, I elected to continue building.”


Matt Loring

Matt Loring, President and Project Manager, is the driving force behind our field personnel, and we mean not only as motivator keeping our projects advancing aggressively, but in the sheer number of miles he actually covers across multiple states to get the job done. With advanced degrees in Business and Public Administration, as well as 30 + years in the industry, he applies every bit of that knowledge, experience and education to his roles in the company. Everyone knows that Matt gets results, but we do so enjoy witnessing his skills challenged in the parental arena.


Vahid Walker
Vice President

Vahid Walker, “V,” Vice President and Project Manager, has recently been appointed Vice President at E.B.S. His high school job as a construction laborer working for his father, evolved through job supervision duties after college and into project management soon after he came to us. True to the degree he earned, V’s professional demeanor and buttoned-down style suggest that he’s all business, but right below the surface lives a dry sense of humor. That ability to bring levity to any situation serves him well in the rigorous field environment of commercial construction, and—perhaps even more so—around the home office.


Stephanie Darby Rowe

Stephanie Darby, Office Manager/AP/AR, serves as the company hub of interaction with clients and architects, sub-contractors, insurance, licensing and permitting agencies. As the back-up pair of eyes on paperwork from every department here at E.B.S., she credits the discipline cultivated while earning a double major in Professional Writing and Philosophy for her attention to detail, sharp communication skills and ability to keep things in perspective. That being said, anyone who has been to the office knows that the true keys to Stephanie’s work flow are sticky notes in multiple colors and sizes plus plenty of chocolate on hand.



Shannon Hill

Shannon Hill, Project Coordinator, is our procurement, dispatch and coordination expert. Liaising between suppliers, job site personnel, project managers and clients, she maintains the moving parts to achieve the task at hand. No detail escapes her, whether it be for locating materials, dispatching techs to handle an emergency, or navigating the paper trail complex projects require. And most importantly to E.B.S. morale, Shannon applies her skill set to help make our company bash a blast every year! She volunteers in her spare time for St. Vincent de Paul Society for local families in crisis, and at the Monmouth County SPCA.



Tony Gutierrez

Tony Gutierrez, “Tony G”, Job Supervisor, brings almost 40 years of construction know-how to bear on every project. This experience proves invaluable at all stages of the job, particularly at turnover when time is of the essence. His sharp eye for the practical keeps Tony’s approach economic and result-driven, strictly within time and budget parameters. In fact, we have dispatched Tony G specifically for clients in a bind from failure by other GCs to produce; he always propels the project across the finish line, while still managing to find time for making homemade wine and canning those brutally hot peppers he loves.



Philip McConnell

Philip McConnell, Project Supervisor, studied Architectural and Mechanical Drafting in college, launching a lifelong career in the building trades, particularly carpentry and roofing, and ultimately finding his niche in job supervision. He is the personification of unflappable, a steady, consistent presence making sure the project moves along toward turnover in as orderly a fashion as possible. We are convinced that life amidst his lively, extended family is the basis for Phil’s abiding patience.




Tom Ferentinos

Tom Ferentinos, Project Supervisor, has refined his craft over a 35-year career in building, from replacing flat roofs at Fort Monmouth to constructing high-end retail stores. With a degree in Fine Arts, he applies his knowledge of substance, form and color to realize the finished product, whether it’s a painting or a custom concept for one of our clients; Tommy’s art and construction experience mesh in both craftsmanship and fine detail. As a bonus, he keeps everyone entertained, singing and dancing to “Double Dutch Bus” and other 70’s hits.




Christopher Bonaduce

Christopher Bonaduce, Project Supervisor, had no choice but to grow up around the business from a very young age, from watching his father run a job site to one day running his own. Quickly advancing to becoming a project supervisor, he has proved to be a valuable addition to our staff with his experience in electrical work. He deserves lots of credit for managing his time between his young family and his career.  We do enjoy seeing Chris and his family in the office when time allows, but we strongly suggest that he leave the chalkboard artwork to the professionals!


Christopher Darby

Christopher Darby

Christopher Darby, Chief Estimator, combines his interest in the past with a forward-thinking outlook and quick wit in a unique personal dynamic perfect for E.B.S. Since coming on board after earning an M.A. in History, Chris has focused his energy on building a strong estimating department comfortable utilizing everything from pencils and scale rulers to sophisticated software to achieve the best result. Many of the form templates in use company wide were in fact created by Chris as part of his Project Omnibus package. (Yes, we had to look up “omnibus.” His vocabulary is killer!)  Chris’s dedication enables him to wear many hats when needed here at E.B.S..



Shae Goodwin

Shae Goodwin, Estimator, is our first point of contact for sub-contractors when projects go out to bid. Following her college studies in architecture and interior design, she gained experience in the HVAC/plumbing field. Shae came to E.B.S. eager to expand her skills and now holds a pivotal role coordinating multiple facets of estimating, as well as administering our Plan Room for a smooth interface with a nationwide pool of subcontractors. On a more practical level, her arsenal of organization includes every color available in highlighters, and she’s a master at producing intuitive take-offs with them.